My son Enzo started on a journey this year to get his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Enzo is only 12 years old so this was a huge challenge for him as it involved a huge amount of training, focus and dedication. There is also a strong element of emotional strength needed as the Black Belt is really aimed at adults. 

Julie suggested some hypnotherapy sessions to help Enzo channel his Focus and also find his inner strength. She taught him a technique to overcome stress!  Enzo has managed to get his Black Belt and all his hard work and I believe sessions with Julie helped this little guy to push through the two gruelling days of grading.

Julie also supplied products to restore tired muscles and combat fatigue.

Julie is knowledgeable and her kindness and attentiveness shows through during her treatments.

Thank you Julie for all your guidance.

Lesley Scaggiante


I suffered with hormonal migraines for some years in-between having two pregnancies. Julie suggested a treatment on her SCIO machine for me.  At the time I was beside myself having had a migraine which had lasted 5 weeks and was simply taking too many strong pain killers! Within 24 hrs of having a consultation and treatment on the SCIO machine my migraine had eased and within 48hrs it had completely gone! 

This was approximately 7 years ago and I have since been migraine free.  I still have a treatment from Julie about once or twice a year to maintain the balance in my hormones and to keep the migraines at bay. I honestly do not know what I would have done if it were not for Julie and her SCIO machine.




How do I put down in only a few words what you did for me, well here goes:

Getting my body up the stairs to the 2nd level of our home had become such an effort, with every step I felt like I was being weighed down. Severe fatigue and constant pain were just two of my constant complaints.  My doctors had me on a cocktail mixture of more than nine pills a day. 800mg Brufen twice a day for pain, something for Blood Pressure, Water Retention, Metformin for insulin resistance, Heart Pill, Hormone pills x2, an Asthma Pump, Allergy meds, omeprazole for heartburn and nose spray.  My blood tests kept showing infection, inflammation and cortisol level were through the roof, cholesterol was sky high, liver, kidneys, all bad but no one knew what was wrong. Had my gallbladder removed because of biliary dyskinesia but still had to live with pain.  I wanted to lie down and DIE..

I contacted Julie and asked if she could help me and her response was “The SCIO is perfect for you”, the relief and hope that I may soon be better or, at least have a clue of what might be wrong with me.   Little did I know what changes were waiting for me.

During my first session the SCIO picked up Allopathic poisoning, the very things (medications) that were supposed to make me better were making me sick.  We found sensitivity to a whole list of things allergies and intolerances, bugs, bacteria, you think it, I had it.  Even the fly spray in our house was poisoning me.  My body was fighting back and built up a defensive against everything around me, I had a list of sensitivities and allergies as long as my arm.  Julie used the SCIO to detox and zap my bugs, after my first session I felt (in search of a better word) like death, so I curled up and had a sleep.  Each session after got a little better but I always had this low feeling and needed to sleep if off, which was my body’s way of healing.

Over the next few sessions I decided to stop all medication but my BP pills, I stopped eating gluten, sugar, dairy, eggs and a heap of other foods, changed our fly poison at home to natural, my soap, my toothpaste, my body lotion and roll-on all changed and in the months that followed I felt myself get better and stronger with every session.  I still had that very low tired feeling directly after each session but this was easy to live with when I reminded myself of the benefits I was experiencing.  Colleagues, family and friends couldn’t believe the changes they saw happening on a daily basis, and finally three months later at my regular careplus visit to my GP, no-one, not even the nurses could believe the changes in my blood works, no inflammation, high good cholesterol and low bad cholesterol, my Doctor wanted to know how I did it. I had no pain and yes I wasn’t on any of the medications either.  My blood pressure was LOW, I think the GP was a bit upset with me when I told him I don’t need him anymore, neither do I want any of the medication, and I asked him to half my Blood Pressure medication.

I had another appointment on the SCIO in two weeks, but travelling to Auckland was getting expensive so Julie suggested distance sessions, hmm I was sceptical but went with it anyway.  It felt weird just lying in my own room on my bed thinking all the time “Is this even working?”, well it sure did because straight after my session I got that same low feeling I get after each session but this time I was 200km away in the comfort of my own home and bed, so I just curled up and had a sleep.

I sit back and think of how far I have come, I have slowly started reintroducing things I can’t or don’t want to live without and my body is adapting well.  The power of the SCIO is scary and unbelievable, my colleagues call it a miracle, I say call it what you want I’m feeling good, I’m high on life and never felt better.

Wendy Campbell


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